Child Support

Child supportWe Approach Child Support Enforcement Compassionately.

Child support is an essential part of a divorce involving children. Adequate financial support is necessary to cover child care, medical insurance and education costs. The Georgia Child Support Guidelines are used to calculate the incomes and needs of both parents and the children. When deviations are needed, an experienced attorney will advocate to the court for a deviation. If spouses would like to determine child support out of court, mediation is a viable option. A modification is sometime necessary because of loss of job, change in income, or change of location.

You need a professional who knows the law to help navigate this process with you

This is a many-layered process that requires the legal guidance of an experienced lawyer. Kay Jackson has more than 35 years of experience in family law. At our firm, we approach each case with compassion and a down-to-earth attitude. We do not provide false hopes or misleading information. The state of your family as you know it is in flux and we are determined to obtain the best outcome possible for you and your children.

Child Custody Concerns

Ms. Jackson helps her clients determine a visitation or parenting schedule, transportation arrangements and how the child will stay in contact with each parent regardless of where he or she is spending time. In determining custody or a modification, a family court judge will consider several factors, including: the parents' love, bonding and involvement with the child; parents' emotional and financial stability; any evidence of drug, alcohol or physical abuse; and each parent's ability to facilitate a relationship between the child and the other parent.

Child holding handAfter carefully determining the status of both parents, the judge will choose from among the following:

  • Joint legal custody: Both parents discuss major issues regarding the child's education, religion, medical needs and extracurricular activities. In the event of a conflict, one parent will be designated as the final decision maker in each category or a third person may be selected.
  • Joint Physical custody: This does not necessarily mean the child's time is divided perfectly down the middle. Logistics determine where the child will  spend his or her time with the goal of making this time as even as possible.
  • Primary custody: The child primarily resides with one parent and visits the other parent.
  • Sole custody: Judges rarely grant this exclusive level of custody because it often limits a parent's contact and involvement with a child. It is awarded, however, in special situations.
If you are seeking modifications to a child custody order due to a significant change in circumstances, Ms. Jackson can help.

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