Paternity & Visitation

In Georgia, fathers do not have any legal rights to their children if they were born outside of marriage.

father and sonTo establish these rights, paternity must be proven. A mother can file a paternity action to establish a child support obligation and possible visitation rights by the father. Establishing these rights as soon as possible may be very important. This process can be complex and laborious.

Attorney Kay Jackson can help you establish your rights


Legitimation is the primary way for a father to establish custody and visitation rights for his child. Just listing his name on the birth certificate does not accomplish this. To have legal access to his child, he must file for legitimation. If a paternity test proves that a child is not biologically related to a man, he may file for delegitimation to absolve himself of any child support orders that are in place. Like paternity, these processes can be difficult to understand and requires the help of an experienced, straightforward lawyer.