Not all family law matters have to be met with fists up.

ArguingIn many cases, spouses want to resolve their issues peacefully, without going to court.

Attorney Kay Jackson has been a certified mediator in family law for more than five years. As a neutral third party, she helps clients resolve their issues so they can avoid the
courtroom. Working together, we tip the balance and search for compromises. Mediation is an excellent option for those who want to dissolve their marriage amicably.

When experience and track record count look to Kay Jackson

Each party may come to the mediation table with his or her own legal representation. As the mediator Ms. Jackson has pro-active approach as she works with both parties to help them reach the best outcome.

As an experienced lawyer, Ms. Jackson understands that regardless of the circumstances, divorce and family law are emotional. Drawing on more than 30 years of family law experience in Georgia, Ms. Jackson offers compassion to her clients while emphasizing their well-being.